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St Catherines' Montessori

We are delighted to introduce our unique Montessori Home Education Support Program, hosted within the Hall of the

St Catherine's Anglican Ministry @ Middle Park, QLD.

Enjoy exploring our site, and please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or wish to submit an expression of interest for enrolment.   

"The greatest gift we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence"
Dr Maria Montessori 

Aborigine Bark

St Catherine’s Montessori acknowledges and pays respect to the

past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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St Catherines' Montessori offers parent information sessions covering aspects of the Montessori heutagogy including the parent's role as the child's first educator, Cosmic Education, Peace Education and Grace & Courtesy. We look forward to guiding you through your important role in your child's educational journey. Scroll below to review all available information sessions.

Beyond the classroom

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July 2024: Experience the wonders of Montessori Education as we share a Journey and Discovery exploring Cosmic Education and the Second Plane of Development (6-12 years) 

October 2024:  Join our staff for a Journey Through the Curriculum as we present materials which develop Language skills, knowledge and understanding.

Coming soon...

Online: A collection of videos highlighting various aspects of the Key Learning Areas within Montessori Education. 


St Catherines' Montessori provides an opportunity for children enrolled in Home Education to experience learning through the use of Montessori materials guided by experienced Montessori educators. ​ Our unique Home Education Support Program, hosted within the grounds of the St Catherine's Anglican Ministry @ Middle Park, QLD,   provides the opportunity for school aged Home Education children to experience the Montessori Great Stories and Cosmic Education, develop Practical Life Skills, expand their learning through Goings Out, Market Stalls and Micro Economies, and give back to their local community through Service opportunities.  ​ Participation in the St Catherines' Montessori Home Education Support Program is open to families with children registered for Home Education as per the requirements of the Home Education Program of the Department of Education, Queensland. It is not designed to provide all of the educational program for Home Education students but rather support the Home Education experience provided by parents.   All parents and Home Educators of students enrolled in Home Education are welcome to share the Montessori experience with their children.   ​ The active role parents play in their child's Home Education journey is supported by the staff at St Catherines' Montessori through the provision of Curriculum Design, Implementation, Assessment and Reporting guidance. This guidance is provided by experienced Montessori educators familiar with both the Montessori National Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum. The documents provided can then be used by families as part of their submission to the Home Education Unit which reflects the learning their child has undertaken during the year.   ​ Families wishing to join the St Catherines' Montessori Home Education Support Program in 2024 are encouraged to complete an expression of interest. Places are limited, so get in quick so your family does not miss out on this unique opportunity.  ​ Families with non school aged children also wishing to access St Catherines' Montessori are also invited to submit an online expression of interest. We will be in touch regarding expected commencement dates of programs which provide Montessori support appropriate for your child.


Semester 1, 2024.

April 2024: What is Montessori Education and how can I best support my child during our Montessori journey? 

May 2024: What are the Great Stories and Cosmic Education? 

June 2024: What is Peace Education and Grace & Courtesy? 

Submit an expression of interest
for enrolment in the
St Catherines' Montessori Home Education Support Program

It is with great excitement that we are accepting enrolments in the St Catherines’ Montessori Home Education Support Program for Term 2, 2024. About this Home Education Support Program. The St Catherines’ Montessori Home Education Support Program is aimed at supporting homeschooled Montessori children and their families in their pursuit of child-led and student-centric education. Working closely with parents, the program follows the philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori and supports Montessori Home Education families fulfil the educational requirements of Education Queensland’s Home Education Guidelines. While we are hosted within the hall of the St Catherine's Anglican Ministry at Middle Park, there is no religious education component to our program. Families of all cultural and educational backgrounds and abilities, including First Nations Peoples, are encouraged to attend, joining the St Catherines’ Montessori community in celebrating diversity, inclusion, equality and cultural identity. An understanding of Montessori education is not essential, however, a willingness to learn and embrace the values embedded in the philosophy is expected. The Home Education Support Program is presented under the direction of Ms Andrea Garwell (Master of Ed, Montessori Guide & Senior Experienced Registered Teacher), and supported by a small team of passionate staff. The program runs in alignment with the dates of Education Queensland’s school terms. Students are invited to attend Monday to Friday 9am-3pm, with supervised play from 8am and afternoon activities and care will be available until 5pm. During their day, students will have the opportunity to access Montessori materials and lessons (delivered by a Montessori Guide), practice lessons already presented or choose to undertake independent or group work in order to explore and extend their knowledge, skills and abilities across all areas of the Curriculum. They will also have the opportunity to extend their learning by embarking on Goings Out, participating in outdoor education (including Forest School), engaging in practical life experiences (such as baking and cooking community lunches), and planning and managing micro-economies and market stalls. The students will also have the opportunity to give back to the community through service opportunities. A report outline will be generated at the end of term 2 & 4, reflecting the educational journey the students have embarked on during their time in the program which parents can then add to and submit to the Home Education Unit. Should you have any questions regarding the St Catherines’ Montessori Home Education Support Program, or wish to submit an expression of interest for the inclusion of your child in this exciting opportunity, please Enrol Now by clicking on the link, or following the menu at the top of the page to Enrolment. Should you have any questions, head to our FAQ page, and if your question isn't answered, don't hesitate to be in touch via the Let's Chat! button at the bottom of the screen! We look forward to sharing your child's educational journey and supporting your family while embarking on Home Education.

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Don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

Contact us today to find out more information. 

Term 3 Open House

Date: 31 July 2024

9am - 11am 

43 MacFarlane St

Middle Park

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