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Read more to hear directly from our St Catherines' Montessori families about their experiences.

Moving our child to St Catherines' Montessori Home Education Program was the best decision


I am a parent of a student who has been guided in their learning journey through the Homes Education Program of 
St Catherines' Montessori.


Our son, who faces additional challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and General Anxiety was struggling in his former school. He was unable to remain in the classroom environment for full days, or participate in outside school activities such as school camp and school swimming, and his anxiety regarding his school experience was becoming more and more concerning and upsetting for us, his parents.


We believed that homeschooling might be our only option after we were forced (by family circumstances) to end his enrolment at his school. A week after finishing up at his school, we came across the Home Education Program offered by St Catherines' Montessori and after speaking with Andrea and close family members, we believed it could be the right fit for our son.


The learning environment which hosts the Home Education Program of St Catherines' Montessori is relaxed, child-led and most importantly supportive. Our son is seen as the beautifully complex human being he is and is nurtured holistically. His emotional and sensorial needs are supported all day, every day making it easier for our son to not only learn but enjoy his learning. 


We had been facing many challenges at home that were stemming from our son’s school anxiety. Challenges such as emotional and sensorially induced meltdowns, sleep disorders including sleep walking, nose bleeds and regular school refusal. For almost a year, our son had only been able to cope in the classroom environment for half days or until 2pm. Within 1 day of starting the Home Education Program of St Catherines' Montessori we had no school refusal or morning anxiety about the school day ahead. Within 2 days our son was asking to do full days and after the first week he actually asked us if he could go on Saturdays and Sundays too.

Since starting the St Catherines' Montessori program, we have seen our son’s sleeping improve drastically and we have only had 2 anxiety induced nose bleeds. We are also seeing very few meltdowns and they are far and few between.

We met with our son’s psychologist recently and were in tears describing the remarkable improvements we have seen in our son and how this has had such a positive effect for our whole family.

The difference we’ve seen and experienced can only be described as miraculous. We could never have imagined this was possible for our son and family. 


Our amazing child is flourishing with Andrea guiding him in his learning. He is happy, content and enjoying learning not only with the Montessori materials in the learning environment but also outside and in the wider community. He has participated in Goings Out to the local pet aquarium to research classroom pet options, the Queensland Museum to further explore geology, visits local parks and nature spaces regularly for outdoor play, botany and biology lessons, and sensory regulation and is planning a further Going Out to the planetarium in the near future. 

Our son is offered lessons in every area of his learning in a way that he understands and at his current level. Since the move to the St Catherines' Montessori program, it has become more and more apparent that our son might be gifted in certain academic areas and with Andrea’s support, we will have this assessed formally. 

Our son’s current favourite subjects and areas of interest are maths, the sciences, music and cooking and these interests are supported and encouraged. Learning opportunities which our son wouldn’t naturally gravitate towards are presented in ways that make the work more enjoyable and interesting and Andrea’s guidance has supported him in improving in exploring and enjoying these areas too.


Our son is still asking to school with Andrea 7 days a week and nags me daily to collect him later than 3pm. We never believed this would be possible for our child and we will forever be grateful to Andrea and the staff of St Catherines' Montessori.


We look forward to continuing this journey as St Catherines' Montessori continues to grow and flourish, just like our son is.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


I & K

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